Welcome to Follow For Love Blog! [#1]

Hello all! My name is Skyler Nguyen and I’m the editor/writer of this website. Currently, I’m a freshman at Fountain Valley High School and this blog is one of the many assignments that I have here in school. I happen to find this activity very interesting and I enjoy doing it as a hobby rather than a homework. I’ve always wanted to have my own personal blog where I can share with you guys love advices that I learn throughout my life. It doesn’t mean that I’ve dated lots of guys though. Those are just the tips that I analyze and infer from other people’s love life and sometimes they come from my experiences.

Follow For Love aka F4L is a website that talks about love advices and the underlying secrets, what you should do to either fix the relationship, get over a breakup, or just simply have a positive view in love and relationships. Everyone is welcomed to my blog, age is unlimited. Many people might think that I’m too young to talk about this but that is just a stereotype. You’re young doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world, the new stuff, everything around you basically. So every week, I’ll come up with something to write, to share, and to communicate with my readers.

If you have any comments, questions, or stories to share, you can always comment down below or contact me through social media. However, I have some rules that you need to consider before you comment.

  1. Be respectful to others. Everyone has their own opinions, it might be similar to you, might be not. If you disagree, say it nicely.
  2. Write positive comments, no hatred and swearing are allowed on here. If you don’t like me, the post, or the blog, just simply leave the site.
  3. My social media and this blog are for comments about love or/and advices only. If you choose to spam the administrator instead, you’ll receive a warning first time and next time you’ll be blocked.

Messages and comments are typically replied within 12 hours. Thank you for visiting my blog and I’ll see you guys next time!





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