Equality [#2]

Hey guys! I am back with another blog post. Recently, I’ve been extremely busy with school and so I couldn’t keep up with my blog, I am so sorry about my blog postponements. Today I’ll talk introduce the topic of equality. By the way, thank you all of you who stopped by.

So what is equality? It is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities, according to Google. Love doesn’t limit genders in other words, everyone deserves the same happiness no matter what their sexuality is. Although same sex marriage was legalized last year in all US states, there are still other countries that violently abuse the LGBT communities. If here is a right, in India it is a sin. There are 77 countries out there consider homosexuality is illegal. Love will never ever be defined by genders, it is an act of caring, affections, and compatibility altogether.

I have a Vietnamese song that talks about the fairness for all homosexual people. If you don’t know Vietnamese, no worries, I’ll put translated-word-by-word lyrics down below.

If you were born a perfect person, then how come your thoughts are never perfect? If you love someone that is wrong then nobody would want to be alive. And if you think you’re right then pass this on, I don’t need to talk more. We are also humans, need to love, and also deserve happiness. Whether we want it or not, that love still comes each second each minute. This relationship is already too deep, we cannot break up, and if you think I’m wrong then I’m sorry, I don’t need to apologize twice. Dear Mom, when I mention those two words, I cry, cry a lot but I don’t know how to lessen it. I once promised that I will become a good girl, when I grow up, I’ll find someone who gives me happiness. Now you smile, but you shed tears instead. Knowing that I’m a lesbian, it hurts me a lot. I am so sorry Mom!! If you love me, please forgive me. This ungrateful kid will never be forgiven right? My mother doesn’t say anything, she just walks out and closes the door. Her eyes give off a stare like she wants me to become a different person. It’s been one day, two days, I haven’t been able to walk out of the room. Just silently glace through the door opening and observe that figure. But I feel like my mom is very distant with me. Mommy, forgive me. Daddy, forgive me. And I know the society will never accept a person like me. I’m not wrong!!! If homosexuality is a disease, then may I ask how can it be treated? If homosexuality is a crime, then may I ask how long is the sentence? If homosexual people are waste, then may I ask what class are they in this society? LGBT is not wrong, they’re just living with their real feelings, then nothing is unlawful. Never judge us based on our status. That idea makes you happy but with me, it’s ridiculous. We are still born with parents, still eat three meals a day and have manners, do you understand that? I am sick with rumors saying that my parents don’t know how to educate their children. Due to the lack of guys, that’s why she’s les and still a virgin. If you have extra energy, do something virtuous. Don’t overflow your words sexually.

Of course, not everyone’s gonna have the same opinion as me, some might be against same sex relationship some might not be as supportive as me but one thing, whatever your opinion is, that is yours and the others aren’t yours so respect others. Don’t ever bring your opinion out to insult and/or attack the LGBT because that’s a shame of humankind.

That is it. Thank you once again for reading this blog, I appreciate it. Next time, I come back, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of being in a LGBT relationship. CHEERS FOR F4L!!




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