NEW CHANGES!!!! [#8 Part 1]

Um…. I don’t know how to start off today’s blog post but definitely we are not gonna talk about love nor continue with the series. I have two things that I want to inform and discuss with you all, my audience. It has been on my chest for like months now and I feel bad for you guys, but I think some of you guys kinda figure out what I’m about to say right?

So first, let’s start with the negative. I know I’ve been telling you guys how I’m unable to catch up with the weeks that I’m busy, I started my WordPress since the beginning of the year, many months passed and I have only seven blog posts up so far. I’m not sure how many weeks I’ve missed but definitely more than three. I said I would definitely catch up with all of them during my winter break but apparently, I was loaded with homework and I was sick as well. I did make a statement in the very first post that I’ll write a blog every single week and that was my goal. However, half of the school year have already went by and I’m still very surprised by the unexpected amount of homework my teachers give out each week. Certainly, I’m not trying to exaggerate, it’s just that I’ll try to get all of them in by the end of this school year. Anyway, from now on, there won’t be a schedule of uploading blog posts. It can be random, you might see one a week, two to three, or even none, but I’ll make sure that the time limit is within two weeks.

Forget about that, now let’s move on to the good news. Just kidding, keep that in mind, everyone. I’ve been thinking about this lately. As I said before, I want to continue doing this, writing blog posts, even when I’m out of English Honors 1. I have always dreamed to be a Youtuber, however, acknowledging the limited time a day gives and the little free time I have. Rather than spend hours and hours editing a video, I choose to do this way, communicate with my readers through here.

Love is not something easy to analyze and elaborate, it requires experiences, critical thinking, and maybe some statistics. Every time I write a blog like that, it takes me a couple hours thinking deeply and break down into pieces then put it into an words. It’s kinda hard to keep up at the same time and spend hours thinking and writing a proper one. So let’s leave that aside for now, beside being an online love adviser, I also want to do something beyond the aspects of love and infinity. Thus, I decided to write more topics to involve my readers to a variety of perspectives of aspects in life such as fashion, cook, my personal life, traveling, mortal lessons, life in general. Eventually, there will be more and more fun and interesting talks on here that we can all share throughout this community.

Well, first, I need to finish my series in order to move on to the other discussions. But you can expect new change around next Saturday and I’ll explain more about that in the next post. Thank you so much and I’m so sorry as well.


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