NEW CHANGES!!! [#8 Part 2]

Alright guys, welcome back! I’m back as well, so Lunar New Year just passed by. I hoped you guys did enjoy your holiday, or some of you might not, but I did, definitely. I went to Vegas for the last couple days of January. Pretty fun there I would say, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve last visited as well.

So I’m very happy to make this announcement that I just finished my finals last week before my vacation and basically I have more time to write daily blog posts, making up those that I never did. If you didn’t notice yet but I kinda updated the website a bit, I’m still in the progress of updating a few more things, like my logo and the domain. Those take quite a long time to change it but I hope I’ll have it done by next week or the following.

Over the weekend, I decided to change it up a little bit. New semester, new updates, new topics, a lot of new stuffs for this page generally. So starting next week or the following, we’ll be getting into some more interesting stuffs including reading love articles and analyzing them, I’ll be telling you guys my own personal experiences and hopefully at the end of each post, you can learn something new. Keep in mind that I’m still a beginner so these are just some tests that I’m trying, like the fonts or the new ideas. If it goes well, I’ll keep it, however if it doesn’t, I’ll have to change it according to its structure.

Concluding, you’ll see new updates with the following posts and hope it’s worth my efforts. If you’re reading this and you made it to the end, thank you so much, I really appreciate your time. Honestly, I know I have written couple of posts now but I’m still trying to make my writing looks natural and professional. If you have any tips you want to share with me, you’re always welcome to comment down below.

Once again, thank you, I hope you enjoy the recent posts and if you did, share with others whom you think might need some advises or just some talks. If you want to ask me any question regarding your issues, always feel free to contact me or comment. Typically, my responses for the comments are within a week but I’ll try my best to check it more regularly. But if you really need my voice, the contact forms are available 24/7. Wrapping up, thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next post.


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