It kills relationships.

It is also the most powerful weapon.

For those who treasure and value their significant others than anything else, nothing is more painful than a silence act given by them. Words hurt feelings, but the deafening quiet breaks the heart.

Sometimes, it is rightful to be silent in the downhills. Say all your wills, confirm your feelings, your thoughts. What you want, tell them, what you need, tell them, everything you feel about the relationship, tell them. If you don’t, nobody gonna knows what you want. And after all, silence can do nothing, it doesn’t solve the problems nor does it fix the shattered souls.

Love is not all about the expensive dates and luxurious gifts. True love doesn’t ask for much but the attention and care given at the appropriate times. Nothing too pricey nor dreamy, ordinary like any others. Lovers put efforts into their relationship, do everything they possibly can to maintain a healthy love yet some people are ungrateful about it and choose not to do the same thing back.

You try to play it cool, but you don’t know how catching feelings of another person can be like until you’re in their shoes. Having no idea what is up with you. Worried, concerned, having no idea what is up with you. No matter how much they try to fix it, all you can do is stay quiet and leave them hanging. They wander in thoughts of you.

The unavoidable blankless. Silence is sound, but it lacks an element of life, the loudest sound you’ll ever hear in your life. Moving on, but dying out of oxygen. Night comes but only them survive in the coldness of the world. Holds it in, the agony of having to suppress your sadness is indescribable. You don’t know and you’ll never understand, the broken heart of a human who got left out.

You think it’s alright to leave the love in silence for a while. They struggle to understand your perspective, until one day, they finally accept the fate. But not being an idiot, staying back beside someone who doesn’t appreciate their existence.

They leave your life.

And then you start realizing how important they are. All the mixed feelings rush by, you are like a wild animal breaking out the cage, doing everything you can just to ask for forgiveness. Nonetheless, it’s too late to say sorry.


Treasure your loved ones before karma comes and leaves you with regrets.



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