Mass Amount of Loves in High School???

I’ve just thought about this a few days ago and it seems pretty true so I want to share with you guys to see if you have the same view with high school kids nowadays as. The relationship theory that I just came up with is that majority of the kids over the course of 12 years of school, love and infatuate on an average amount of 3-12 people. While the rest either goes single all the way or have lesser rate of loves.

The point I’m trying to make here is that not because some kids aren’t attractive enough that they are unable to have crushes as much as the others, but this how puberty grows hormone and it usually clusters around middle school to high school. Boys and girls, when they hit puberty at a certain age, they all want to be loved and this is the start of their affection desires built by the hormones inside. Some can be either really good at suppressing their feelings or they have no interests at all, but like I mentioned before, majority of the students like to go for short-terms and pass it up real quick.

From those days in junior high to the 4 years of high school, teens tend to be repetitive in finding loves and infatuations out of boredom and loneliness. Because of the total 6 years of school, they meet lots of new people and changes of mind regarding their choice can change from time to time. But the thing ironic about this is, kids are supposed to have real fun when they’re still young. Supposedly during their teenage and early twenties, these kids should be exploring the world and learn who they really are first before rushing themselves into relationships and crushes.

So to conclude today’s post, I want to know how you feel about this so please comment down below and let me know your thoughts. I know today’s blog is kinda short but thank you so much and I’ll see you next week!


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