What is the difference between lust and friends with benefits? [#7]

What is lust? What is a friend with benefits? So last week, I talked about what’s the difference between like and love. If you didn’t notice, the last post was the beginning of this whole series that I am currently working on. After several blog posts of kinda like random and like an introduction to this whole concept of love, I decided to start a series but because this is the first one so I’d like to explain and analyze the definition of relationships in general.

So what are the exact meanings of lust and friends with benefits? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, lush is “The purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect.” Whereas, friends with benefits include “Two friends have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.” In other words, lust is the sexual attraction between strangers (not close) and friends with benefits are two good friends willing to exchange that strong sexual desire without a commitment.

So just like last week’s post, here are the differences between lust and friends with benefits:

  1. Lust starts off with the good physical appearance and intimacy, while FWB is based on the good friendship you two have but doesn’t really care much about their outer looks nor their affection.
  2. Lust is more of like a short term relationship, if a certain person doesn’t pass your expectations, you pass them on. FWB, after all is based on friendship, under whatever circumstances, the 2 people will still remain as friends, in most of the cases.
  3. Lust plans to meet frequently, FWB meets up only when they have needs.
  4. Partners in lust support each other both financially and emotionally, friends support each other only emotionally.
  5. Friend with friend, there is no romantic commitment nor expectation. A person with a person keeps the company going strong and healthy.

So basically, to sum up everything, no matter what the circumstances are, friends don’t change their friendship status unless something serious happens. 2 people in a temporary period expects one another to be good at a certain part of the relationship or the whole play.

What’s the difference between like and love? [#6]


Hey there, I am back again. I am so tired right now and can’t stop complaining how busy my weeks are *chuckled*. I thought I had a real break but actually it was just the “schedule” was more flexible. Most of the time I spent during my Thanksgiving break was on my homework. But anyway, how were your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Probably some got the whole break off or just a day off on last Thursday or even no day off. So on the last Thursday of the , me and my family didn’t do anything special beside going out to eat, and spent some time together reflecting upon our gratefulness. So today, we’re gonna discuss about the difference between like and love which is the most controversial topic and the fundamental of all relationship.

Hey there, I am back again. I am so tired right now and can’t stop complaining how busy my weeks are *chuckled*. I thought I had a real break but actually it was just the “schedule” was more flexible. Most of the time I spent during my Thanksgiving break was on my homework. But anyway, how were your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Probably some got the whole break off or just a day off on last Thursday or even no day off. So last week, me and my family didn’t do anything special beside going out to eat, and spent some time together reflecting upon our gratefulness.

First, let’s define what do those terms mean. Like is a temporary feeling that you can have for any person in life and especially at first sight. Most of the times, you like someone for their outer appearance and their positive traits. Love, on the other hand, is a strong feeling of affection that is built overtime. They tend to have an everlasting bond between two persons. Now that we know the definitions, let’s move on to the main thing. Here are the differences:

  1. Like is very pleasant, but love has stronger and much deeper affection and attachment.
  2. Like is mostly seen through the physical appearance and good traits of an individual while love is unconditional.
  3. Like only wants to share the happy moments in life, love wants to share the hardships together.
  4. A great example is that if you like a bug, you would keep it, but if you love the animal, you would return it to the wilderness and its natural habitat.
  5. When you like someone, you only want them to know about your strengths, when you love someone though, you want them to know both your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Like is only for positive and sweet sayings, whereas in love, you can say anything you want, both bad and good stuffs.
  7. You can never liked their weaknesses and get along with it unless you understand it or even love it.
  8. Love produces more tears than like.
  9. A person who likes you only want to take advantage of you, but a person who loves is willing to make sacrifices.
  10. Like is here and there, love is here and here.

These are just the most common differences, of course there are more to prove how one term is different from another. But basically, the main difference here is that like is short term and love is long term. It is often mistaken between the two in which I’ll explain more in the next series.

Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by my website and actually take some time to read this. If you made it to the end, you are awesome. If you have any comments, always feel free to do so, either directly on the page or direct message me through Instagram. I’ll try my best to respond within the day. Like, comment, and share this to anybody that you feel like they should read my posts. Haha, thank you once again.



My 25 Random Facts Part 2 [#5]

As I mentioned last blog that due to my limited time of doing homework, chores, and going to school, I had little time to do my blog posts as well as keep them up to date. I am so sorry for that but it will be improved in the future. So here are the remaining 25 random facts about me.

  1. My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas because that’s near my birthday and also it’s the best time to spend with family and friends, to open presents like I’m still a young kid.
  2. My dream college is either UCI or UCLA because it’s nearby here, I can visit my family in the weekends or whenever I have days off.
  3. In my fourth grade. I started to learn how to play the violin and the learning lasted until freshman year which I had to give up as I got busier.
  4. I am already bilingual with Vietnamese and English, but now I’m learning a new language, Spanish.
  5. My goals for the four years of high school are to lose 30lbs and get straight A’s every year.
  6. In Vietnam, I used to wear uniforms to my elementary school.
  7. When I go to sleep, I turn off all of my lights except for those times I fall asleep leaving my table lamp on.
  8. I have a fear of ghosts but whenever I watch scary movies, I would be shocked at first then laugh hysterically for about 15 minutes.
  9. In my group of friends, I’m the tallest among all boys and girls.
  10. People usually mistake me as the older sister because of my height.
  11. One thing that I hate about myself is that I still have that procrastination in my mind.
  12. One thing that I love about myself is I know how to take care of other people.
  13. The biggest insecurity of mine is to lose my loved ones.
  14. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and a designer.
  15. To me, haters are a part of me, it’s something that pushes me to move forward and strike for the better.
  16. My best childhood memory was that I got to spend time at a zoo with my old friends in Vietnam.
  17. I never had a sleepover with my friends, only with my relatives.
  18. In my playlists, I have more sad and low beat songs than upbeats.
  19. This summer, I finally got to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  20. When I have free time, I would go hang out with my family and friends, play sports, watch Youtube, listen to music, and read books.
  21. I scream and yell when there’s an interruption in the silence.
  22. My Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  23. I started a Youtube channel when I was about 11, but I gave up pretty soon after that.
  24. I’m only good at analyze and give advices about love not matchmaking.
  25. I’ve harmed myself unsuccessfully, but luckily got over the idea of suicide by my own motivations.

And so this is the end of today’s blog post. I hope this relaxes your mind a bit, reduces the tensions if you do have. There’ll be one more blog post coming up this week for the one that I missed. Thank you all! duong-nguyen-facebook-profile

My 25 Random Facts Part 1 [#4]

This Tuesday was the 2016 presidential election, the most historical event of America. People are cheering, crying, sorrowing for that. All mixed feelings of both Democratic and Republican supporters. I don’t want to get everyone stuck up with their emotions and not having a good feeling while reading my blogs so I’m gonna do something relaxed, chilled, and maybe help brace yourself. Remember the welcome blog that I first posted for like couple weeks ago? I just briefly went through the policies, what’s this about, and a little bit of introduction about me. Honestly I don’t exactly know where to start so here are the first 25 random facts about me.

  1. My male celebrity crush is Theo James from the series of Divergent.
  2. My female celebrity crush is Adele from the song “Hello”.
  3. My favorite TV show is a Korean reality show, Running Man.
  4. The last movie that I just watched yesterday was Masterminds.
  5. The last country that I visited was Vietnam about 2-3 years ago.
  6. The place I’d probably want to live is either Los Angeles or Irvine.
  7. My favorite color is yellow for it represents warmth, happiness, royalty, and prosperity.
  8. The quote that I always keep reminding myself is, “Don’t go broke while trying to look rich.”
  9. My favorite movie is The Independence Day.
  10. My favorite song is “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara.
  11. The movie that always make me laugh is The Conjuring 2,
  12. The movie that always make me cry is Hachiko: A Dog’s Story.
  13. I’m more of like a night owl because I tend to stay up late ‘til 2 or 3 in the morning.
  14. If I ever won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is pay all of my family’s debts and whatever remains will go into our saving accounts.
  15. I have dyed-brown straight hair.
  16. My addiction is probably checking my phone in the morning when I wake and at night before I go to bed.
  17. I don’t drink sodas except for special occasions, mostly I drink water, but if someday I can’t stay awake, I’d drink zero calorie energy drinks or hot chocolate.
  18. Every time I go to Starbucks, I order double chocolate chips frappuccino.
  19. My two favorite cartoons of all time are Tom and Jerry and Mr. Bean.
  20. Although yellow is my favorite color, when talking about fashion, I like to wear black and white clothes.
  21. I am a very sporty girl, I rarely dress up girly or sometimes I combine both styles.
  22. My favorite sport is volleyball.
  23. Because I’m so sporty, every quarter, I would get an A+ in PE.
  24. Secret Fact: I like to bite my nails and let the blood drips off my fingers.
  25. When I customize my pizza, I choose more veggies than meats.

For the sake of my limited time, I deeply apologize for having to break this down into two parts but I promise in the future, it’ll be one piece. Thank you and see you guys next week! skyler-nguyen-san-francisco-mask-pic


LGBT Relationships: Pros & Cons [#3]


Last week, I briefly talked about the LGBT and how it is an important matter in our society. Today I’ll break it down deeper, the advantages and disadvantages. So these positive and negative things are what I’ve learned, read, and experienced as I go along with my life. We’ll talk about the pros first and to the cons.


~The Accepting Generation~

Nowadays, more and more people are accepting homosexual people, especially the young adults. Meaning that the LGBT community is slowly getting accepted into the society, it might take a long time, might be quick within a few years. But definitely, there are more supporters than back then. Most of the older generations often have that attitudes of the old-fashioned ignorance, they never changed for the reason that they believe it’s rightful. Nonetheless, the more you support it, the more confident they are and they’ll carry less of a burden.

~Gender Role~

Straight couples always have to deal with gender role issues. There are certain expected responsibilities for a guy and a girl to do. The idea is ingrained from one’s culture, beliefs, customs or the influence from movies, TV shows, role models, etc. For example, when both parties know that they’re ready for marriage, the expected one to propose to another is always the masculine side. Society has overlooked the inside of a relationship knowing that all humans are equal but it’s always the men that have to initiate the confessions because they’re strong, powerful, and the bigger side to “gasp the women in their palms.”

However, that is never a problem for the homosexual couples. Whether you’re in a gay or a lesbian relationship, the genders are the same. Both of you have the same amount of duties and no “man” or “woman” is determined by the traditional relationship roles.


~Family Attack~

Your own family could attack you for the same reason just like Tom’s parents. Religious beliefs can highly influence your love life, even if it doesn’t come from you. Many helicopter parents would work their way to get rid of your partner, even if it means murder and crime. To them, it is a sin. To you, it’s a delightful thing. Yet as a child, there’s no right for you to talk back and that is where the sadness comes once you start listening to your parents. So if you truly deeply love your partner, fight for it and don’t let the third-party to impact your relationship.

~Unnecessary Attention and Judgement in Public~

The approval of America’s same-sex love doesn’t mean that it applies for this whole planet. There are still many discrimination going on worldwide regarding the topic of LGBT love. Despite the love and support from friends and family, when you walk out of that comfort zone, everything ends. The real world is very brutal and harsh. People do stare and be curious, it is definitely hard not to do so at an unusual thing especially a gay or les couple showing affections in the public. Most will judge upon their observation whether behind their back or in person, at worst, verbally abuse. Although your strong souls claim you will be okay, the harassment will somehow get to your heart and release its “venom” slowly.

I don’t think I’ve covered all pros and cons but these are the main ones…according to my words *haha*. I do admit I sometimes stare at gays and les and question myself, but I never insulted them nor do I judge. I always remain confused for a moment and forget the next day. It’s just the natural inquisitive that makes me behave that way. This is quite a long post but I hope you guys enjoy it. Give a thumb up if you enjoy it. Bye for now!



Equality [#2]

Hey guys! I am back with another blog post. Recently, I’ve been extremely busy with school and so I couldn’t keep up with my blog, I am so sorry about my blog postponements. Today I’ll talk introduce the topic of equality. By the way, thank you all of you who stopped by.

So what is equality? It is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities, according to Google. Love doesn’t limit genders in other words, everyone deserves the same happiness no matter what their sexuality is. Although same sex marriage was legalized last year in all US states, there are still other countries that violently abuse the LGBT communities. If here is a right, in India it is a sin. There are 77 countries out there consider homosexuality is illegal. Love will never ever be defined by genders, it is an act of caring, affections, and compatibility altogether.

I have a Vietnamese song that talks about the fairness for all homosexual people. If you don’t know Vietnamese, no worries, I’ll put translated-word-by-word lyrics down below.

If you were born a perfect person, then how come your thoughts are never perfect? If you love someone that is wrong then nobody would want to be alive. And if you think you’re right then pass this on, I don’t need to talk more. We are also humans, need to love, and also deserve happiness. Whether we want it or not, that love still comes each second each minute. This relationship is already too deep, we cannot break up, and if you think I’m wrong then I’m sorry, I don’t need to apologize twice. Dear Mom, when I mention those two words, I cry, cry a lot but I don’t know how to lessen it. I once promised that I will become a good girl, when I grow up, I’ll find someone who gives me happiness. Now you smile, but you shed tears instead. Knowing that I’m a lesbian, it hurts me a lot. I am so sorry Mom!! If you love me, please forgive me. This ungrateful kid will never be forgiven right? My mother doesn’t say anything, she just walks out and closes the door. Her eyes give off a stare like she wants me to become a different person. It’s been one day, two days, I haven’t been able to walk out of the room. Just silently glace through the door opening and observe that figure. But I feel like my mom is very distant with me. Mommy, forgive me. Daddy, forgive me. And I know the society will never accept a person like me. I’m not wrong!!! If homosexuality is a disease, then may I ask how can it be treated? If homosexuality is a crime, then may I ask how long is the sentence? If homosexual people are waste, then may I ask what class are they in this society? LGBT is not wrong, they’re just living with their real feelings, then nothing is unlawful. Never judge us based on our status. That idea makes you happy but with me, it’s ridiculous. We are still born with parents, still eat three meals a day and have manners, do you understand that? I am sick with rumors saying that my parents don’t know how to educate their children. Due to the lack of guys, that’s why she’s les and still a virgin. If you have extra energy, do something virtuous. Don’t overflow your words sexually.

Of course, not everyone’s gonna have the same opinion as me, some might be against same sex relationship some might not be as supportive as me but one thing, whatever your opinion is, that is yours and the others aren’t yours so respect others. Don’t ever bring your opinion out to insult and/or attack the LGBT because that’s a shame of humankind.

That is it. Thank you once again for reading this blog, I appreciate it. Next time, I come back, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of being in a LGBT relationship. CHEERS FOR F4L!!



Welcome to Follow For Love Blog! [#1]

Hello all! My name is Skyler Nguyen and I’m the editor/writer of this website. Currently, I’m a freshman at Fountain Valley High School and this blog is one of the many assignments that I have here in school. I happen to find this activity very interesting and I enjoy doing it as a hobby rather than a homework. I’ve always wanted to have my own personal blog where I can share with you guys love advices that I learn throughout my life. It doesn’t mean that I’ve dated lots of guys though. Those are just the tips that I analyze and infer from other people’s love life and sometimes they come from my experiences.

Follow For Love aka F4L is a website that talks about love advices and the underlying secrets, what you should do to either fix the relationship, get over a breakup, or just simply have a positive view in love and relationships. Everyone is welcomed to my blog, age is unlimited. Many people might think that I’m too young to talk about this but that is just a stereotype. You’re young doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world, the new stuff, everything around you basically. So every week, I’ll come up with something to write, to share, and to communicate with my readers.

If you have any comments, questions, or stories to share, you can always comment down below or contact me through social media. However, I have some rules that you need to consider before you comment.

  1. Be respectful to others. Everyone has their own opinions, it might be similar to you, might be not. If you disagree, say it nicely.
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