My 25 Random Facts Part 2 [#5]

As I mentioned last blog that due to my limited time of doing homework, chores, and going to school, I had little time to do my blog posts as well as keep them up to date. I am so sorry for that but it will be improved in the future. So here are the remaining 25 random facts about me.

  1. My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas because that’s near my birthday and also it’s the best time to spend with family and friends, to open presents like I’m still a young kid.
  2. My dream college is either UCI or UCLA because it’s nearby here, I can visit my family in the weekends or whenever I have days off.
  3. In my fourth grade. I started to learn how to play the violin and the learning lasted until freshman year which I had to give up as I got busier.
  4. I am already bilingual with Vietnamese and English, but now I’m learning a new language, Spanish.
  5. My goals for the four years of high school are to lose 30lbs and get straight A’s every year.
  6. In Vietnam, I used to wear uniforms to my elementary school.
  7. When I go to sleep, I turn off all of my lights except for those times I fall asleep leaving my table lamp on.
  8. I have a fear of ghosts but whenever I watch scary movies, I would be shocked at first then laugh hysterically for about 15 minutes.
  9. In my group of friends, I’m the tallest among all boys and girls.
  10. People usually mistake me as the older sister because of my height.
  11. One thing that I hate about myself is that I still have that procrastination in my mind.
  12. One thing that I love about myself is I know how to take care of other people.
  13. The biggest insecurity of mine is to lose my loved ones.
  14. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and a designer.
  15. To me, haters are a part of me, it’s something that pushes me to move forward and strike for the better.
  16. My best childhood memory was that I got to spend time at a zoo with my old friends in Vietnam.
  17. I never had a sleepover with my friends, only with my relatives.
  18. In my playlists, I have more sad and low beat songs than upbeats.
  19. This summer, I finally got to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  20. When I have free time, I would go hang out with my family and friends, play sports, watch Youtube, listen to music, and read books.
  21. I scream and yell when there’s an interruption in the silence.
  22. My Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  23. I started a Youtube channel when I was about 11, but I gave up pretty soon after that.
  24. I’m only good at analyze and give advices about love not matchmaking.
  25. I’ve harmed myself unsuccessfully, but luckily got over the idea of suicide by my own motivations.

And so this is the end of today’s blog post. I hope this relaxes your mind a bit, reduces the tensions if you do have. There’ll be one more blog post coming up this week for the one that I missed. Thank you all! duong-nguyen-facebook-profile