Does like have a correlation with love? [#9]

As a love adviser, I wonder about like and love quite often. They’re basically a part of my fundamentals that just can’t be missed out. I often hear people say they are exactly the same thing, but just different terms. To me, synonyms carry the same concept but are slightly different in its own distinctive definition.

I believe like and love are the two different situations. Like is more of like a feeling, a brief feeling that we have for a person just by their physical appearance, public characteristics, and how their overall appeals to you. Whereas, love is more of like having a serious crush. You interact with them, you play with them long enough that you understand what their personality is, inside and out. 5936745264_cc61107849_o

When the right timing comes, you start to develop feelings and you think about a long-term relationship that you could have with them. So yes, affection and attachment do contribute a part to bordering the line between the two. Crushes aren’t necessarily have to be deep feelings, majority is “like” crushes and they’re simply composed of a passing infatuation for someone. We find ourselves very passionate in the burning desires to be with someone.              Photo mulan 2011 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I asked other people what they think about it, and they said that like can eventually lead to what we all know, love. Without the basic background of all your interests for that person, you definitely cannot build up love. It’s like playing with Lego, pretend you’re assembling a car but rather than starting at step one, you skip straight ahead to step 4, then you’ll be missing a permanent part of your final product unless you undo it and build it all over again. Just like love, you can’t fully have their heart unless you build a strong foundation.

Usually, it’s the distance, similarities, and attractiveness that bring people together and enclose their feelings. Living nearby, having similar tastes, preferences, interests, and fashion styles, those are necessities for a much stronger and deeper attachment to be built but not yet to enter the phase of being in a relationship. However, in rare cases do the abnormal, odd, extraordinary yet unique traits and differences charm the other person. Traditionally, people tend to stick with the common ones, but some find those weird personalities very interesting.

So we put our thoughts together and we believe that most of the times, you can construct a strong standing ground of love based off of your basics but it also depends on the interactions. In other words, endearment can occur at anytime as long as you have a strong supporter and background to back you up. For example, a friend likes another friend in school. You go to school and meet that person everyday, you interact with them in person even if no words are spoken. The more time you see that friend, the more emotions that will be intrigued. On the opposite hand, let’s say fans and celebrities, fans don’t get to see their idols every time they go out. Some possible ways to see them are to attend their events or just happen to see them on the streets.

Comparing the interaction you have with the first example, it’s much lesser so therefore less endearment is kept and held. However, there are certain fans that exceed the limits and overdo their actions that can be very creepy and annoying. Those think their idols are the sources of life for them, without the presences of the celebrities, death is very likely to be faced or it might be external conflict with the world. Another key factor that matters as well is the gap between, awkwardness. Even if hobbies, interests, and personalities match, the conversations determine whether the two are compatible or not. Too much silence and awkwardness can’t conclude anything no matter how much you claim the love for that person.

After all the analysis and discussions, we came up with a final decision. There are likes that can only go up to a certain level and stop progressing before love. There are also likes that’ll grow to extend beyond infinity. Recap, love for a pop star can be passionate, aggressive, sometimes crazy but that burning desire is not as long and deep for our friend. A great demonstration is this, no fans have ever ended up being in a relationship because the affection a celebrity has for their friends is just the casual and friendly but there are some exceptions, however that is very rarely to happen. Despite that fan – idol’s love, there’s a higher chance that you’ll experience the real highness of love. Fans and celebrities are like partners in business, while friends with friends are more of like a family displaying one as a mother and another as the father.

Nevertheless, there’s an ugly truth regarding high school relationships. I know we’re not talking about relationship today but since it’s relating to the topics, I might as well share this with you guys. This is what I’ve read in articles and saw other people’s affair: depends on each individual’s destiny, there is a rather high possibility that your high school sweetheart might not follow you through the rest of your life. And I think it’s very true, here’s why. At a certain point of your life, you’ll be opened to new exposures, like meet more people, make new friends in new environments. Your capability of meeting new people and making new friends is not limited as soon as you step out of your comfort zone that you have been stuck in for quite a while. Just like when you move from middle school to high school, the perspectives will change, the girl that you promise to love forever is now a girlfriend of another guy. Childhood love is very innocent and delicate, only those that choose to cherish the happy moments forever can get through life’s obstacles and scandalous meetups.


What is the difference between lust and friends with benefits? [#7]

What is lust? What is a friend with benefits? So last week, I talked about what’s the difference between like and love. If you didn’t notice, the last post was the beginning of this whole series that I am currently working on. After several blog posts of kinda like random and like an introduction to this whole concept of love, I decided to start a series but because this is the first one so I’d like to explain and analyze the definition of relationships in general.

So what are the exact meanings of lust and friends with benefits? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, lush is “The purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect.” Whereas, friends with benefits include “Two friends have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.” In other words, lust is the sexual attraction between strangers (not close) and friends with benefits are two good friends willing to exchange that strong sexual desire without a commitment.

So just like last week’s post, here are the differences between lust and friends with benefits:

  1. Lust starts off with the good physical appearance and intimacy, while FWB is based on the good friendship you two have but doesn’t really care much about their outer looks nor their affection.
  2. Lust is more of like a short term relationship, if a certain person doesn’t pass your expectations, you pass them on. FWB, after all is based on friendship, under whatever circumstances, the 2 people will still remain as friends, in most of the cases.
  3. Lust plans to meet frequently, FWB meets up only when they have needs.
  4. Partners in lust support each other both financially and emotionally, friends support each other only emotionally.
  5. Friend with friend, there is no romantic commitment nor expectation. A person with a person keeps the company going strong and healthy.

So basically, to sum up everything, no matter what the circumstances are, friends don’t change their friendship status unless something serious happens. 2 people in a temporary period expects one another to be good at a certain part of the relationship or the whole play.

What’s the difference between like and love? [#6]


Hey there, I am back again. I am so tired right now and can’t stop complaining how busy my weeks are *chuckled*. I thought I had a real break but actually it was just the “schedule” was more flexible. Most of the time I spent during my Thanksgiving break was on my homework. But anyway, how were your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Probably some got the whole break off or just a day off on last Thursday or even no day off. So on the last Thursday of the , me and my family didn’t do anything special beside going out to eat, and spent some time together reflecting upon our gratefulness. So today, we’re gonna discuss about the difference between like and love which is the most controversial topic and the fundamental of all relationship.

Hey there, I am back again. I am so tired right now and can’t stop complaining how busy my weeks are *chuckled*. I thought I had a real break but actually it was just the “schedule” was more flexible. Most of the time I spent during my Thanksgiving break was on my homework. But anyway, how were your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Probably some got the whole break off or just a day off on last Thursday or even no day off. So last week, me and my family didn’t do anything special beside going out to eat, and spent some time together reflecting upon our gratefulness.

First, let’s define what do those terms mean. Like is a temporary feeling that you can have for any person in life and especially at first sight. Most of the times, you like someone for their outer appearance and their positive traits. Love, on the other hand, is a strong feeling of affection that is built overtime. They tend to have an everlasting bond between two persons. Now that we know the definitions, let’s move on to the main thing. Here are the differences:

  1. Like is very pleasant, but love has stronger and much deeper affection and attachment.
  2. Like is mostly seen through the physical appearance and good traits of an individual while love is unconditional.
  3. Like only wants to share the happy moments in life, love wants to share the hardships together.
  4. A great example is that if you like a bug, you would keep it, but if you love the animal, you would return it to the wilderness and its natural habitat.
  5. When you like someone, you only want them to know about your strengths, when you love someone though, you want them to know both your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Like is only for positive and sweet sayings, whereas in love, you can say anything you want, both bad and good stuffs.
  7. You can never liked their weaknesses and get along with it unless you understand it or even love it.
  8. Love produces more tears than like.
  9. A person who likes you only want to take advantage of you, but a person who loves is willing to make sacrifices.
  10. Like is here and there, love is here and here.

These are just the most common differences, of course there are more to prove how one term is different from another. But basically, the main difference here is that like is short term and love is long term. It is often mistaken between the two in which I’ll explain more in the next series.

Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by my website and actually take some time to read this. If you made it to the end, you are awesome. If you have any comments, always feel free to do so, either directly on the page or direct message me through Instagram. I’ll try my best to respond within the day. Like, comment, and share this to anybody that you feel like they should read my posts. Haha, thank you once again.